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Clean up your community. Use iReportGraffiti for the iPhone to easily report graffiti to our rapidly growing database. Make a difference - report graffiti.


PicFlippr is a free game for iPhone and iPod Touch. The app utilizes client server and API technology to download photos from selected locations. These photos are scrambled, and the user must solve the picture-puzzle.

Puzzles can be shared and played using a Flash player should the recipient not have an iPhone. Tight integration with Facebook also allows sharing of online photos in a social context.


Primary site showcasing AdConnect technologies. Offers a complete classified ad service. Built upon Drupal, and AdConnect technologies.


Web Java, JSP, PHP, SQL, JavaScript, CSS, Dynamic HTML, Web 2.0 (AJAX), XML, JSON, Unix scripting
Environments Apache, Tomcat, Sun ONE, MySQL, Informix, Solaris, Linux, Drupal, Joomla, Solr, Lucene, Facebook, Twitter, Web APIs
iPhone / iPad